SONG: UnknownBucephalus Bouncing Ball
ARTIST: UnknownAphex Twin
ALBUM: UnknownCome to Daddy
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Aphex Twin  | Bucephalus Bouncing Ball

  asked : Raiden or Solid Snake ?

you know what I don’t like

when people steal a bunch of gifs others made and just plonk them together and post them as a new gifset

don’t fucking do that dO NOT FUCKING DO THAT

A̧re ̧y̕ou͏ ̀ge͞ttįng ͠AŅG̷RY,͘ ̷Eps̢il̛on͢?

No. I’m fine. Beat it!

I̡’m̧ hȩr̢e ̵if̀ ̸yo͘u͝ ̧n͟eȩd̡ m͝e̵.͝


Papers for Characters

Spanish design studio Atipo has created a collection of minimalistic movie posters that are made from paper. 


"I’ve had enough of running away, Sophie."